School of Environmental Sciences

Mahatma Gandhi University-Kottayam


School of Environmental Sciences came into existence in 1995 as a centre of learning in the frontier of areas of environmental sciences. It is one of the premier departments for advanced environmental studies under Mahatma Gandhi University. The major mandate of the school is to develop appropriate technologies and skilled human resources for conservation of nature, pollution prevention, sustainable utilization and management of natural resources for development.

Major Objectives of the School

  • Human resource development in environmental management through education and research.
  • Establishment of modern facilities in order to promote research and technology development.
  • Imparting training to personnel of NGO’s, industries, institutions and public.
  • Undertaking consultancy projects in environment management, EIA, RS&GIS.
  • Offering environmental information, education and communication services.

Thoughts of the Page

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– Abraham Lincoln

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