School of Environmental Sciences

Mahatma Gandhi University-Kottayam


There are dedicated, highly qualified and experienced faculty members actively involved in teaching, research, extension and consultancy.

Research Areas

• Conservation biology
• Environmental stress studies
• Pollution studies
• Climate change
• Bioremediation
• Wetland ecology
• Hydrogeology and river basin analysis
• Solid waste management and anaerobic wastewater treatment
• Biopollutants and respiratory allergy
• Biodiversity and vegetation analysis
• Microbial and phyto-bioremediation
• Probiotics
• Sustainable development
• Disaster Management
• Ethnobotany, Ethnoecology and tribal studies
• Remote sensing and GIS applications

Thoughts of the Page

"It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment."

– Ansel Adams

World Water Monitoring Day- September 18